Drone Training


All drone pilots are required to hold a Remote Pilot Certificate from a Remote Pilot Training Organization approved by the aviation regulatory authority, in accordance with the Drone Rules of 2021, with the exception of Nano-class drones.

Aerobot Labs is providing a drone pilot training course at the Aerobot Labs Training Centre in Chennai, ensuring compliance with all necessary aviation regulations.

After successfully completing the five-day course, which includes theory and flying lessons led by Aerbot Labs instructors approved by the DGCA, candidates specializing in small category drones will be granted the ‘Remote Pilot Certificate’ for small class rotorcraft, accredited by Aerobot Labs.


Certified Small, Rotorcraft Training
Class: Small Category: Rotorcraft Duration: 05 days Eligibility Criteria: 18 – 65 years, Class Xth pass

Course Structure

  1. Day 1 and Day 2 – Theory Sessions (Online)
  2. Day 3 – Day 5 (At Flying Site)
    • Theory Examination
    • Drone Simulator Sessions & Assessment
    • Drone Assembly
    • Flight Training
    • Final Skill Test

Course Syllabus

  1. Stakeholders & their Laws, Drone Rules 2021
  2. Basic Principles of Flight
  3. ATC Procedures & Radio Telephony
  4. Fixed wing Operations & Aerodynamics
  5. Rotorcraft Operations & Aerodynamics
  6. Weather & Meteorology
  7. Drone Equipment and maintenance
  8. Risk Assessment & Analysis – Safety Management/ TEM
  9. Payload installation & utilization
  10. Intro to Drone Data & Analysis
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