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Advanced 3D Mapping and Survey Course
Specialized courses for Survey and Mapping using Drones.
Next Batch - Feb 5

Limited Seats - Book now or call 8870033357 to know more.

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Drone Pilot Training Masterclass
Specialized courses for Survey and Mapping using Drones.
Next Batch - Feb 5

Limited Seats - Book now or call 8870033357 to know more.

Build & Design
Learn FPV, Earn your wings
FPV Masterclass in aerial photography and sport flying

Rolling admission.

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Drone Services and Training Organization

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August 28th 2024

Soaring Above Limits, Capturing Excellence in Aerial Solutions

Discover limitless possibilities with AerobotLabs, your go-to for cutting-edge drone services. Specializing in precise aerial photography, surveying, mapping, and inspections, we redefine excellence. Our skilled operators and advanced technology deliver cost-effective data solutions, empowering industries like construction, agriculture, and infrastructure. Choose AerobotLabs for unparalleled excellence from new heights.

Our Lab Certification

Our Main Service

Elevate your experience with cutting-edge technology and customized expertise

Drone Training Facilities

Discover top-tier drone training facilities at Aerobotslabs, where cutting-edge technology meets expert guidance

Our Location

VGP Queens Town, 48/49,  Mevalurkuppam, Chennai 17, TN.

Make An Enrollment

Embark on a transformative journey in the world of drones by enrolling in our comprehensive training programs. Join Aerobotslabs and take the first step towards mastering unmanned aerial systems with expert guidance and hands-on experience

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+91 8610324242

About Us

Aerobotslabs innovates India's drone ecosystem with tailored courses and services for unmanned aerial systems enthusiasts.

  • Visionary Leadership
  • Cutting-Edge Education
  • Comprehensive Service Portfolio
  • Commitment to Sustainability

Aerobotslabs, at the forefront of drone innovation, pioneers a sustainable ecosystem by seamlessly integrating cutting-edge technology. Elevate your operations with our customized solutions, delivering unparalleled efficiency and precision. Join us on a journey of innovation where every solution is crafted for excellence in the evolving landscape of unmanned systems


Founder, CEO of AerobotsLab

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Our Services

Elevate your possibilities with Aerobotslabs’ diverse services, where cutting-edge drone technology meets tailored solutions. From comprehensive drone training to innovative consulting services, we redefine efficiency and excellence. Explore a realm of possibilities as we empower your endeavors with precision and expertise

Drone Training Programs

Comprehensive education covering flight regulations, safety, and hands-on experience to proficiently operate drones.

Disaster Response and Management

Deployment of drones with sensors and cameras for damage assessment, search and rescue, continuous monitoring, aid delivery, and disaster mapping.

Construction and Infrastructure Management

Aerial support for project management, including site planning, progress monitoring, quality control, and safety inspections. 

Precision Agriculture Services

Utilization of drones for crop monitoring, field assessment, and data collection to empower precision farming practices.

Customized Consulting Services

Tailored drone services, consulting, and solutions to meet specific client needs, ensuring efficient and effective integration of drone technology across various industries.

Aerial Drone Survey

Deploying aerial drones for warehouse operations enhances efficiency across inventory monitoring, asset tracking, security surveillance, workflow optimization, and maintenance inspections.

Why People Trust Us

Aerobotslabs leads India’s drone revolution with visionary leadership, proven expertise, and innovative services. Offering top-notch courses, we earn trust as a premier destination for navigating the unmanned aerial systems world.

Trustworthy Proficiency

Trusted experts in drone education and services with seasoned professionals.

Proven Track Record

Aerobotslabs: Trusted Education, Strong Industry Partnerships.

Client-Centric Approach

Client-focused, offering reliable experiences for lasting partnerships.

Innovation at the Core

Leading drone tech, inspiring confidence through forward thinking and adaptability.

Elevate Your Drone Experience

Unlock limitless possibilities with our cutting-edge drone solutions. Elevate your aerial experience, transcending boundaries and exploring new horizons. Stay ahead with innovation and unparalleled performance.


VGP Queens Town, Mevalurkuppam, Chennai -17

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+91 8610324242

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